Redbar, a globally recognized watch enthusiast group, began as a modest gathering in New York City and has evolved into an international community of horology lovers. Founded by Adam Craniotes @Craniotes , and a few dedicated watch enthusiasts, Redbar's mission was to create a judgment-free, pretentious-free space for people to bond over their shared love for watches, enjoy drinks, and form lasting friendships. Initially, small, informal meetings were held at a bar that gave the group its name. Over time, the gatherings grew, and with the help of social media, Redbar's popularity soared, attracting members from various walks of life. Today, Redbar NYC meets weekly, inspiring the formation of chapters in cities like Toronto, London, Bombay, Edinburgh, and Dallas/Fort Worth. With over 70 chapters worldwide, Redbar continues to maintain its core values of inclusivity, camaraderie, and a shared passion for horology, offering a welcoming space for both seasoned collectors and new enthusiasts to explore the world of watches.