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1918 Mr. Georges Schaeren, an experienced and ingenious Swiss watchmaker, founded MIDO G. Schaeren & Co. on 11 November. From the start, the name MIDO - from Spanish «Yo mido» (i.e. «I measure») - became synonymous with technical innovation and timeless designs.

1920 Extremely elegant women’s watches with coloured enamelled shaped cases and modern straps as well as visually attractive timepieces for gentlemen rapidly achieved the image required for the new brand name. MIDO found a market in the flourishing automotive market. MIDO produced watches in the shape of radiator grills of a wide range of brands such as Buick, Bugatti, Fiat, Ford, Excelsior or Hispano-Suiza so that automotive fans were able to express their passion in places where they couldn't take their four wheels.

1930 MIDO very successfully concentrated on the production of scroll-free, functional and very resistant watches. In particular, the invention of the cork-crown sealing system (later known as ""Aquadura"") was pioneering for absolute water tightness; a rare feature in those days.

1934 The launching of the MULTIFORT line marked another milestone in the history of MIDO watches. It was one of the first antimagnetic watches with a self-winding movement and built-in water- and shock-resistance. The Multifort was the best selling MIDO watch from the 1930s to the 1950s.

1939 This year, for the first time ever, MIDO used the MIDO Robot as an ambassador and symbol of progress and robustness. The ""Robi"" is still a well-known feature today in many markets.

1954 Development of the POWERWIND winding system which increased running reserve and reliability by reducing the watch components from 17 to 7 pieces.

1959 The MIDO OCEAN STAR marked the introduction of the revolutionary single-shell case, eliminating any water-resistance problems from the back of the watch case. The combination of this technology with the AQUADURA crown sealing system makes MIDO watches withstand even the most severe conditions. Today, this tradition of OCEAN STAR continues to live on in the famous Commander watch Collection.

1967 In the Spirit of Innovation, MIDO broke yet another barrier by launching the smallest ladies automatic watch ever manufactured in an assembly line.

1981 World-Champion in Tennis - Björn Borg- became official spokes-person for MIDO Swiss Watches.

1996 Release of two high-tech models: BODYGUARD acted as a personal security assistant by providing the user with an integrated security alarm (over 100 decibels). WORLDTIMER was the first analog watch which indicated the local time-zone anywhere in the world instantly with almost play-like ease of use.

2000 MIDO strives to create automatic watches of TIMELESS VALUE.

2002 ""Reflecting on Time"" is no mere slogan at MIDO – such reflections have played a vital role in the development of the latest MIDO collection. Inspired by one of the most impressive buildings of the Roman era, the Coliseum in Rome, MIDO has developed its new All Dial watch line.

2006 MIDO launched its first Baroncelli model 30 years ago. To mark this anniversary, the Swiss watch brand presented a new collection which perpetuates the spirit of the line. A pure classical interpretation, inspired by the sublime and timeless aesthetic of stringed instruments.

2008 MIDO's 90th anniversary. MIDO innovates with the creation of a new line, Belluna watches. This collection, an alliance of style and quality, embodies with true respect the spirit and culture of Swiss watchmaking, asserted as a mark of true design. The Belluna draws its inspiration from the timeless forms of Art Deco architecture and displays the most typical technical features to attract today's well-informed male clientele.

2012 Launch of the ""Great Wall"" collection, directly inspired by one of the most grandiose constructions in the world, the Great Wall of China.

2014 MIDO enters into a partnership with the UIA - International Union of Architects, whose membership includes over 1.3 million architects worldwide.

2015 MIDO Watch Design Contest. MIDO selected three professional watch designers to go head-to-head in a challenge to design and develop a limited edition MIDO watch inspired by Big Ben in London. The winning designer, Mr. Sébastien Perret, was chosen by a panel of judges made up of Esa Mohamed, President of the International Union of Architects, Franz Linder, President of MIDO, and the general public (online vote).

2016 Baroncelli 40th Anniversary. Mido confirmed its ambition to be at the cutting-edge of technological innovation in its price segment with the launch of its first chronometer-certified movement with a silicon balance-spring, a component that had until then only been used in luxury watchmaking. This innovation was incorporated into the Baroncelli watch collection, which was celebrating its 40th anniversary.

2017 Inspired by Architecture As a logical consequence of its attachment to architecture, the next slogan to be adopted by Mido was ""Inspired by Architecture"". Mido launched the #BeInspiredByArchitecture interactive campaign, a 12-week around-the-world trip to discover 12 cities and visit 60 iconic monuments in order to single out the one that would inspire the design of its new timepiece. Ultimately, it was New York's Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum that was chosen as the source of inspiration for the watch, which was launched in October 2017 at exclusive event in New York City.

2018 The Big Date In 2018, the brand is marking its 100th anniversary by celebrating the values that have forged its identity for a century: timeless design, high quality materials and technical innovation. To inaugurate its 100th anniversary celebrations and pay homage to the visionary spirit of its founder, Georges Schaeren, Mido is launching the Commander Big Date. This unique timepiece is designed to commemorate an exceptional date with a series of innovative models presenting a large date aperture at 6 o'clock. For these models, Mido has developed an exclusive movement with a large date aperture based on its Caliber 80.

2019 MIDO is the Official Performance Partner of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series since 2019, the most prestigious international cliff diving competition. Through its aquatic collection Ocean Star, the Swiss watchmaking brand and the sporting event share the same passion and the same ambitions: to surpass themselves and innovate continually to achieve perfection.
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