Mark Fleminger

Meet Mark, a passionate horology enthusiast whose journey began over 30 years ago when he inherited his Grandfather’s Omega Seamaster at the age of 17. This sparked an enduring love for Omega watches, including the Speedmaster, Constellations, and Seamasters, leading to a diverse collection featuring over 20 Omegas, IWC, vintage Longines, Nivada, and Tissot. Mark is fascinated by the intricate mechanics and the rich histories behind vintage timepieces, with notable pieces like a 1912 IWC pocket watch. As the head of the Toronto Chapter of RedBar, Mark has found a vibrant community that shares his enthusiasm, enabling him to connect with like-minded individuals, explore new brands, and dive deeper into the world of watchmaking. Learn more about Mark: Watches and culture | Redbar Group | Timelaps Podcast