Watches come in all forms, from the colourful plastic creations we cherished as children to intricate haute horlogerie creations worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. This vast selection, across many price points, styles and functions, can make choosing a watch a serious task, but – as any watch aficionado will tell you – that’s also part of the fun.

A luxury watch is an important investment, and here’s what you need to know before diving in.

As objects, watches are equal parts fashion and function. Far from the essential tools they once were in the days before smartphones, watches are now as much of an expression of personal style as a means of telling time. For that reason, there’s no wrong answer to the question of “What watch is right for me?” However, most watch fans will agree that the most interesting examples are mechanical watches from the world’s top watchmaking brands. They might cost more than your average department store quartz timepiece, but what you get in return is something that you will treasure for decades to come – and can eventually pass along to the next generation. Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you embark on your journey.

What’s your budget?

Watches come in all price points, and while you can get a good quality automatic watch for under $1,000, the prices go up pretty steeply from there. Best to have a budget in mind before you begin, and do your best to stick with it – your grail will still be there when your bank account catches up to your desires, and the wait will make it so much more satisfying when the time comes.

What’s your style?

Do you love motorsports and live for race day? Or is your closet full of leather-soled shoes and bespoke suits? Do your tastes run contemporary or vintage? All of these things will help you decide on what watch is right for you, from a simple three-handed dress timepiece to a sporty diver’s watch to something in-between. There’s literally a watch for every taste and style!

How will you wear it?

Do you wear a suit to work every day? If so, you’ll want to choose something that looks right with your 9-5 wardrobe. If your job doesn’t have a dress code, you’ll have more freedom to choose something that speaks to your personal style, but it’s still best to go for something with as much versatility as possible like a classic steel sports watch.

Do you love it?

Finally, the most important thing to consider is perhaps the most basic: how it makes you feel. Don’t buy a watch because it’s trendy or you think it will go up in value. Instead, pick something that you think you’re going to love wearing for many years to come. After all, you may buy more watches in your life, but your first one will always be the most special.

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