LADIES WATCHES There is a strong parallel between the evolution of fashion and the watches that Tissot has been creating for women since 1853.

LOGO In 1880, Tissot registered its first logo, following the entry into force of the first Swiss Trademark Protection Act. It then underwent numerous changes, following the evolution of the brand.

ADVERTISING FILMS The first advertising films produced by Tissot were screened in cinemas in the 1940s, already in several languages, due to the diversity of its markets.

NON-MAGNETISM By the 1920s, electricity has become part of daily life, but it magnetizes watches and affects their precision. In 1930, to solve this problem, Tissot creates the world’s first non-magnetic wristwatch.

CAR RACING The story between Tissot and car racing began when Swiss driver Harry Zweifel sent Tissot a signed photograph in 1958, where he had written: “Meine Tissot ist an jedem Rennen dabei” (“My Tissot is by my side at every race”).
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