Frédérique Constant


Aletta and Peter Stas start designing their own watch collection.


After 4 years of hard work, the 18th Century Collection is released, equipped with Swiss movements assembled by a Geneva watchmaker.



Frederique Constant launches the first Heart Beat timepiece featuring an aperture on the dial at 12 o’clock to show the heart of its mechanical movement. The Heart Beat aperture will later become the Brand’s signature.


Aletta and Peter Stas move to Carouge, in Geneva, Switzerland. Frederique Constant exhibits at Baselworld for the first time.


Frederique Constant moves its offices from Carouge to a larger production site in Chêne-Bourg.


The “Live your Passion” slogan stands for people like Aletta and Peter Stas who share a passion for success. In the same year, the Brand takes a decisive turn and welcomes Pim Koeslag as part of the development team.


To extend the offer with sports watches and meet a greater number of demands, Aletta and Peter Stas decide to acquire and revive the Swiss watchmaking brand Alpina Watches.


Launch of the first Manufacture caliber of the brand, the FC-910 entirely in-house developed and assembled. To mark the occasion, this first Manufacture movement features the emblematic Heart Beat opening at 6 o’clock.



Inauguration of the new Manufacture building based in Plan-les-Ouates.


Beginning of the partnership with the British car brand Austin-Healey and creation of the dedicated Vintage Rally collection.


Frederique Constant unveils its first Tourbillon Manufacture limited edition, equipped with the FC-980 Manufacture caliber featuring a silicon escapement. Positioned at 6 o’clok, the tourbillon reminds of the emblematic Frederique Constant’s Heart Beat aperture on the dial. In the same year, Peter Stas, Pim Koesslag and Robert van Pappelendam create a new brand within the Frederique Constant Group : Ateliers deMonaco. The Brand offers Fine watchmaking timepieces composed of noble materials and equipped with very complex mechanisms such as a minute repeater.


Frederique Constant introduces the Runabout collection, inspired by the eponymous boats of the roaring 1920s. In 2013, Frederique Constant partners with the Riva Historical Society, which is dedicated to preserve these famous wooden boats.


One of Frederique Constant’s future bestsellers is revealed. Displaying the world’s 24 reference cities’ time zones, it is the perfect watch for businessmen who are travelling constantly. All the functions of the FC-718 Manufacture calibre can be adjusted via the crown only.


The first Swiss Made smartwatch featuring connected functions and presenting an analog dial. The watch is equipped with an electronic module mounted on a quartz caliber, which is linked to the Frederique Constant Smartwatch App.


Aletta and Peter Stas begin to think about the future of the Frederique Constant Group and decide to accept Citizen’s acquisition offer.


The conventional flyback mechanism is based on a set of several column wheels that act as a system of clutches. The FC-760 Manufacture calibre that operates the Flyback Chronograph Manufacture dispenses with this complexity, replacing the standard column wheel with a star-shaped wheel (patented). This results in a thinner movement with fewer parts and operations.


Unveiled at the exclusive Carpenter’s Gallery, the Classic Hybrid Manufacture timepiece features connected functions and combines, for the first time in the watchmaking history, a quartz calibre and a mechanical movement.


Niels Eggerding had worked 11 years within the watchmaking industry before joining the Frederique Constant Group, as Adjunct Commercial Director, in 2012. In 2014, he was promoted to the position of Vice President of Sales. Thanks to his strong business skills, he was appointed Managing Director of the Frederique Constant Group in 2018.


To increase the production capacity and serve the growing demand and expansion of the Group, an extension was built to the Manufacture, now totalizing 6200 m2. The Manufacture Experience was also created, a museum open to the public which retraces the Frederique Constant’s Group history.


Frederique Constant continues to move forward with its connected watches and introduces the Smartwatch Vitality line, which reveals a digital screen on demand, and is equipped with an integrated heart rate sensor.


Redefining the principles of mechanical watch regulation

• A monolithic silicon oscillator replacing the 26 components of a standard assortment • A novel design with a size fitting into a standard movement configuration • High frequency at a mind-boggling 40 Hz • 80-hour power reserve

The Maison’s 30th in-house movement: FC-810"

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