Protect your watch to get the most out of it

The digital passport that authenticates, certifies and insures all watches

Protect My Watch
  • Complete history
  • Blacklisting in case of theft
  • Certified market value

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A true digital title deed

Your watch is inspected by a watchmaker and certified by an expert.

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Updated at each intervention of the watchmaker - polishing, revision, etc. Everything is recorded digitally to secure the history of your watch.


Prove the anteriority of your watch. If your serial number is stolen by a counterfeiter, you are protected.

Tamper proof

Registered on the blockchain, an NFT makes your certificate an unfalsifiable and unalterable title.

More than just a certification

The all-in-one solution to buy better, sell faster and protect all your watches

Our offer

Depending on the value of your watch

Watch Certificate™ Steel

For watches valued at less than 5 000€

Watch Certificate™ Gold

For watches valued at less than 5 000€

Watch Certificate™ Black

For watches valued between 15 000€ and 50 000€.

Watch Certificate™ Red
from €1490

For watches valued at more than 50 000€

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The steps of the certification

A simple and transparent process with special attention paid to every step

Certify my watch

Adapted to all 

Whatever your need, Watch Certificate™ meets it and makes your life easier

  • Certify my watch
  • Insuring my watch
  • Discover the offers
  • Buy a watch
  • Estimate the value of your watch
  • Sell a watch

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