Birth of CHRISTIAN RUEFLI-FLURY Founder of EDOX Born in Courrendlin (Switzerland), son of a foundry master. Educated in Courrendlin.

1870 Christian Ruefli-Flury begins WATCHMAKING APPRENTICESHIP

1883 MARRIES PAULINE FLURY. Worked for Jean Ægler – watch-maker in Biel/Bienne until 1883

1884 IT ALL BEGAN WITH A TRUE LOVE STORY Christian Ruefli-Flury, a highly talented and romantic watchmaker “Maître- Horloger” from Grenchen in Switzerland, produces a pocket watch for the 25th birthday of his beloved wife Pauline. Impressed by this exquisite gift, she convinces her husband to set up his own watch making company in Biel, a city famous for its well-educated watch engineers. Christian Ruefli-Flury called his company “Edox” which means “measuring of time” in ancient Greek.

1900 THE BIRTH OF A LOGO The hourglass was officially used as a timeless symbol of Edox and since then, it has been a proud part of the official Edox company logo.

1955 A GROWING COMPANY At that time, Edox employed up to 500 watchmakers and the company moved into new, modern and larger production facilities. Edox was amongst Switzerland’s leading watch companies.

THE WATER CHAMPION The famous “Delfin” timepiece was launched, featuring a double caseback, special protective gaskets and a specially invented double O’ring system, setting new standards of shock protection and water resistance.

1961 Invention of the crown with double gasket for greater water resistance. Patended in 1961 by Edox in Bern, Switzerland. Nowadays this invention is still used by several major Swiss Watch brands.

1965 EDOX HYDRO-SUB The Edox Hydro-Sub became world famous for its first crown system with tension ring and shock- absorbing gasket for guaranteed water resistance. This watch is water-resistant down to 500 meters. This was a very remarkable technical achievement in the early 60th. Edox became world famous for highly water resistant watches.

1969 EDOX BLUEBIRD Edox launches a watch with a scratch resistant case and glass, called Bluebird. This elegant but very strongly build watch was equipped with a reinforced double-backed case and shock absorbers. The robustness and water resistance of this watch in no way detract from the external elegance that is typical of Edox. Today more than ever.

1970 THE FIRST GENUINE WORLD TIME WATCH This year saw the introduction of the world’s first truly global timepiece, the “Geoscope” watch. Covering all time zones, the watch provided timekeeping for almost 50 different cities around the world, as well as local time.

1998 WORLD RECORD STILL UNBROKEN Edox engineers and watchmakers developed the world’s slimmest calendar watch, the “Les Bémonts Ultra Slim” collection. The movement had a thickness of only 1.4 mm, which is a technical record still held by Edox to this day. see the collection

2005 MAJOR ACHIEVEMENTS Les Bémonts Maître Horloger 5 Minute Repeater as a true achievement. Features as a bell mechanism that sounds the time.

2007 EXCITING PARTNERSHIP WITH KOENIGSEGG Geneva March 8, 2007. During the Salon de l’automobile de Genève the Swedish super sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg and Edox announced a new exciting partnership. The new partnership is the birth of new exceptional chronographs.

2008 CLASS-1 TIMEKEEPING Edox is the official timekeeper of the Class-1 World Powerboat Championship and is the first watch manufacturer timing partner of high-class offshore races. The Class-1 timepiece collection is a true statement of the performance and a technical rendering of both philosophies.

2010 WRC TIMEKEEPER EDOX becomes the official WRC timekeeper and launches a new collection dedicated to rally drivers, true virtuosos of the tarmac, snow and ice, and to all devotees of the automobile and motor-racing world.

2012 2012-2013 NEW PARTNERS 2012: Edox becomes the official timekeeper for the Dakar Rally.

2013 : Edox becomes the official timekeeper for the Extreme Sailing Series™ and for the World Curling Federation (WCF).

2013 DELFIN THE WATER CHAMPION The revival of an icon

Edox celebrates the revival of an icon with the launch of the new Delfin collection, an emblematic collection which was first launched in the 70’s.

2014 Since 130 years, Edox imagines, produces and distributes Swiss-made and hand-assembled timepieces. The Les Genevez based factory is operated with skilled Swiss watchmakers and modern equipment, respecting the tradition and the know-how of its elders.

2016 OFFICIAL PREMIUM PARTNER OF SAUBER F1 TEAM Edox became the official Premium partner of Sauber F1 Team and steps in the thrilling world of the Formula 1. A new collection dedicated to this prestigious pertner was also launched at the same time.

2019 Like time itself, Edox never stands still. The company celebrates its 135th anniversary. Over the decades Edox has forged a reputation as the “water champion” of the watch world, creating world-leading divers watches.

2019 Edox becomes the Official Timing Partner of the FIA World Rallycross Championship. The partnership with the FIA World Rallycross Championship extends Edox’s long history of involvement with motorsport.

2021 Edox and BMW M Motorsport announce an extensive partnership. Edox will be the exclusive ‘’Official Timing Partner’’ of BMW M Motorsport. The partnership includes engagements in the BMW Junior Team, the BMW M2 Cup, as well as the GT3 highlight, the 24h race at the Nürburgring.The Edox Swiss Watches logo will be present on various BMW M Motorsport racing cars in the future.

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