An exclusive event occurred at the renowned Cucina Buca restaurant in Toronto, where TUDOR, the esteemed watch brand, unveiled its new 2023 line of exquisite timepieces. This gathering proved to be an extraordinary opportunity for watch enthusiasts and fine cuisine connoisseurs.


The skilled chefs at Cucina Buca, Fabio Citrullo & Brian Ho, meticulously prepared a delectable lunch featuring authentic Italian dishes that perfectly complemented the elegance of the watches on display. As the courses were served, the TUDOR team presented their latest novelties, captivating the attendees with their exceptional craftsmanship.

Chefs: Fabio Citrullo
Sommelier: Roberto Staiano


Among the remarkable timepieces showcased, the stunning TUDOR Black Bay 54 debut left an indelible impression on me. Powered by TUDOR’s in-house calibre MT5400, this timepiece boasts an impressive power reserve of up to 70 hours. Its black dial, adorned with gold accents, exudes timeless sophistication. The event provided an extraordinary opportunity to witness firsthand and try on the newest TUDOR watches in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. The afternoon spent at Cucina Buca, immersed in the world of the 2023 TUDOR watch line, undoubtedly stood out as one of the season’s highlights. The company of knowledgeable individuals, each with unique insights, made the experience unforgettable. The combination of superb cuisine and magnificent timepieces created a perfect harmony that celebrated Italian gastronomy and TUDOR’s innovative approach to watchmaking.

While TUDOR was officially established in 1926, it was during the 1950s that the brand indeed came into its own, propelled by the success of its TUDOR Oyster line of waterproof timepieces. The TUDOR Oyster Prince line revolutionized the industry by offering affordable, self-winding mechanisms, water resistance, and robust construction. The brand’s commitment to modernism and durability was evident in its advertising campaign, which showcased hardworking individuals wearing TUDOR watches in challenging situations. One significant milestone was the introduction of the TUDOR Oyster Prince in 1952, accompanied by a bold and innovative marketing effort. This spirit of durability and resilience originates in the British North Greenland Expedition of 1952–1954.

TUDOR’s reputation has been bolstered by its affiliation with Rolex, one of the most renowned luxury watch brands globally. As a sister company of Rolex, TUDOR benefits from the expertise and reputation of its parent brand. Rolex’s influence has contributed to the perception of TUDOR as a high-quality and reputable watchmaker.

In recent years, TUDOR has gained significant recognition and acclaim for its product offerings, with many industry experts and enthusiasts praising its designs, reliability, and value for money. The brand’s commitment to producing robust timepieces with in-house movements has also increased in prominence.

While specific rankings are subjective and subject to change over time, TUDOR is often considered among the top luxury watch brands. It has garnered a dedicated following of watch enthusiasts who appreciate its blend of heritage, modernity, and accessible luxury. TUDOR’s innovative designs, reliable movements, and competitive pricing have helped it establish a strong position in the market and gain recognition as a brand worthy of consideration alongside other luxury watch manufacturers.

TUDOR’s dedication to high performance and robust calibres has consistently positioned them at the forefront of the watch industry since 2015. Renowned personalities and prestigious teams, such as David Beckham, the All Blacks, TUDOR Pro Cycling, and Alinghi Red Bull Racing, have forged partnerships with the brand. TUDOR’s “Born To Dare” campaign, launched in 2017, celebrates the company’s rich heritage while embracing a promising future in the world of horology. In 2022, TUDOR opened a new factory in Le Locle and had their burgundy-bezelled Black Bay watch certified as Master Chronometer. This unique approach to watchmaking has been an integral part of TUDOR’s enduring success.

TUDOR Master Chronometer


In 2015, TUDOR took a significant step towards greater independence by releasing two watch models designed and built in-house, complete with their own movements. The three families of TUDOR Manufacture Calibres offer varying levels of autonomy, ranging from 50 to 70 hours of power reserve, depending on their respective sizes: big (MT56), middle (MT54), and compact (MT54). Throughout their history, TUDOR has consistently produced reliable and precise calibres, fueled by the brand's unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. These manufacture calibres feature a bidirectional self-winding mechanism.

 TUDOR watches can be found in numerous authorized retailers across Canada, making them accessible to watch enthusiasts and collectors. These carefully selected establishments provide customers with a reputable and knowledgeable environment to explore and purchase TUDOR timepieces. Furthermore, TUDOR's global presence extends to an extensive network of authorized retailers and boutiques worldwide. Their timepieces are sold in numerous countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Japan, and many others. This widespread availability showcases TUDOR's commitment to bringing their exceptional watches to watch enthusiasts worldwide.

TUDOR's expansive retail network ensures customers can engage with the brand and explore their remarkable collections in person. Individuals can receive expert advice through authorized retailers or TUDOR boutiques, discover the latest releases, and enjoy a personalized shopping experience. This accessibility further reinforces TUDOR’s position as a respected and sought-after brand within the global watch industry.



While we don't have access to TUDOR's specific marketing strategies and initiatives, here are the five key marketing expansion efforts that TUDOR has undertaken in the past:

International Market Expansion: TUDOR has focused on expanding its presence in various international markets. By establishing partnerships with authorized retailers and opening TUDOR boutiques in strategic locations worldwide, the brand has aimed to reach a broader customer base and increase its global footprint.

Collaborations with Influential Figures: TUDOR has forged partnerships with renowned individuals from different fields, such as sports, entertainment, and exploration. Collaborations with personalities like David Beckham, the All Blacks, pro cycling, and Alinghi Red Bull Racing have allowed TUDOR to leverage their influence and connect with wider audiences while aligning the brand with attributes like excellence, achievement, and daring.

Product Line Expansion: TUDOR has continuously expanded its product offerings to cater to diverse consumer preferences. TUDOR keeps its portfolio fresh and appealing to a wide range of watch enthusiasts by introducing new models, collections, and exclusive editions. This expansion strategy enables the brand to target specific market segments and capitalize on emerging trends.

Digital Marketing and Social Media: TUDOR has embraced digital marketing and leveraged social media platforms to engage with its audience. Through captivating content, storytelling, and interactive campaigns, TUDOR has sought to create a solid online presence, generate brand awareness, and foster meaningful connections with customers and enthusiasts worldwide.

Events and Experiential Marketing: TUDOR has organized and participated in various events to engage directly with consumers and the watch community. From exclusive product launches and exhibitions to sponsoring prestigious events and races, TUDOR's event-based marketing approach enables customers to experience the brand's watches firsthand and build lasting connections.




Restaurant: Cucina Buca

Chefs: Fabio Citrullo & Brian Ho

Sommelier: Roberto Staiano

Photographer: Jules Lee

Watches courtesy of TUDOR Watch

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