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At WatchDNA, we believe in building a community of watch enthusiasts that welcomes everyone. In addition to sharing the content of our contributors, we thought it would be helpful to point our visitors in the direction of some of our favourite external sites that gather some of the most fantastic journalists who are all experts in their fields and contribute to our mission of educating and inspiring watch lovers.

Visit the RSS feed to read some of the most current and well-liked articles we’ve found. Because our intention is not to steal material from other platforms, please use the link provided at the bottom of each RSS article to visit our favourite sources’ websites to read their full articles.

Favourite sources - RSS Feed

The Best Watches for Winter Swimming

Swimming outdoors in July is one thing, but heading to the beach for a dip in the winter is another entirely. Cold...

Shop Spotlight: Five Critical Things To Do Before Buying A Watch Online

Buying a luxury watch online has never been easier – but with convenience comes risk. Know Your Seller If you're not buying...

The Oris story, told by Gisbert L. Brunner

Oris is delighted to announce the publication of ‘The Watch Book, Oris and the Watchmaking History of Switzerland‘, authored by our long-time...

From The Comments: When Do We Drop The “Micro” from Microbrand?

Every student of history knows it’s bound to repeat itself. While this cycle can be seen as a repetitious circle of doom...

What is COSC and METAS?

Two independent standards for watchmaking accuracy. There is a well-founded expectation that your watch should be accurate. After all, the main reason...

Vacheron Constantin – The Master Engraver, artisan of light

At Vacheron Constantin, the master engraver practices his art in relief or in line-engraving on all parts of the watch before they...

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