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A large part of the design lies in the shape of the sapphire crystal

Elka Watches are equipped with Chevé box sapphire crystal. The design of this shape is relatively complicated, namely the hardness of sapphire...

What I learned from the watch hobby

I have been into watches for over 12 years and the first thing I can say is that I am not actually...

Hamilton Khaki King with Day and Date

How To Safely Use The Quick Set Date Function On Your Watch

Almost all modern watches both quartz and mechanical use a quick set date function which allows you to change the date (and...

Fairmined Gold Ingots

Responsible luxury. Saving the planet has become mainstream for luxury watches

In the past, watch companies supported the heroes of the day, which included mainly race car drivers, actors and athletes. Today’s heroes...

IWC Vintage Portugieser 1939

How to shop for a vintage watch. Essential advice for avoiding the hype and finding something you love

As many options as there are for new watches on the market, the selection of vintage timepieces is even bigger. The vintage...


Five things essential things to know about watches

Essential lingo for the next time you find yourself out among a group of watch enthusiasts Not everyone is interested in watches,...

First Watch PRX Gold T931_407_41_291_00_DETAIL.1

How to choose your first “real” watch.

Watches come in all forms, from the colourful plastic creations we cherished as children to intricate haute horlogerie creations worth hundreds of thousands of...

Sustainability - Oris Aquis Date Upcycle

How to be an ethical watch consumer? When it comes to sustainability, the watch world is taking action

Whether you’re shopping for groceries or your next watch, chances are high that you’re going to give more than a passing thought...

Understand the concept of Web3

Understand the concept of Web3

What is Web3 Centralization has made it possible for billions of people to use the World Wide Web and has made it...

Movements Glashütte Original

Watch movements 101 | Can’t tell a quartz from an automatic? Here’s what you need to know

A watch has many parts, but the most important of them by far is its movement. A movement is composed of many...

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